Home exchange: why choose your corporate community?

Home exchange: why choose your corporate community?


Home swapping represents a unique
and alternative experience that gives you more than just a normal stay at a
hotel. It is an innovative form of “relational” tourism that is becoming more
and more successful, among everyday bigger sections of the population
worldwide. This success is owed to the fact that it favors the encounter between
different people and cultures.

This new form of understanding
tourism reflects a change in the way in which people travel. Tired of mass
tourism, most people are looking to live an authentic experience, through a
complete immersion in the local culture. Today, this is made possible thanks to
the practice of home exchange, which facilitates people’s integration in a
residential context.

Home exchange represents the
easiest way to feel like at home even when you are travelling. It allows you to
go on vacation without renouncing to the real comforts of a home, while at the
same time saving money for the accommodation. 

It means traveling whilst keeping up with the times. Indeed, we are living in a
moment where the sharing economy and the collaborative consumption represent
the “avant-garde” of a market economy that is becoming always more “social”.

Nevertheless, the trust principle
on which the exchange is based is often looked at with diffidence. In fact,
many people would renounce to their holiday rather than leaving their house to
a stranger.

Us of Collaborative Perks have
overcome this obstacle, by creating a space for exchanging your house within your
own corporate community. Our module of Home Exchange represents the last
frontier of employees’ benefits based on the principle of collaborative
consumption. Thanks to our digital platform, swapping your house with a
stranger won’t make you worry anymore. This is because the exchange will take
place within the trustworthy environment of your corporate community and with a
person who share your same values.

Apart from this advantage, the added
value we have created for this service is that it facilitates the creation and
the strengthening of the personal relationships with your colleagues. 

In a
sense, swapping your house with your co-workers means to share a piece of your
life with them. You will be living among their memories, in a house
with its own soul, where it will be easier to imagine the everyday routine of
the other persons, just as like you have known them forever! 

Travelling through
all the world whilst making new and long-lasting friendships is finally
possible without spending a lot of money!

Furthermore, the organization of
your home exchange is made incredibly easy thanks to our platform, which works
as an intermediary between two co-workers who desire to live this unique kind
of experience. Few clicks are what is needed to bridge the distance between two
people who work together and to connect them wherever they are!

Saving money, living an
extraordinary experience, and building a solid corporate network.
What more would you ask for your holidays?