Welcome to our au pair module. This module enables families within a company who have young children or babies to organize au pair exchanges with other families who have children aged 17 to 30.

Thanks to this module Collaborative Perks gives the employees of a company the opportunity to adjust their needs and create bonds. The experience is always rewarding for the host family as well as for the au pair: an au pair exchange is the opportunity to discover, learn and interact with different cultures. The whole process is based on mutual trust: employees entrust their child to other employees in order for them to greet and host him or her and care about him or her as a member of the family; the host employees entrust the au pair with their kids.

Thanks to Collaborative Perks, you can live this experience in a safe and trusted framework: take advantage of the international dimension of your company via a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform. Employees register their kids onto the platform if they are between 17 and 30 years old and wish to be an au pair. Employees also register to be a host family if they want to host an au pair for a chosen amount of time. As an au pair or a host family, the process is same: simplicity in order to promote efficient and quick communication.

First, you have to sign up and create a profile where you can specify your criteria, wishes, and availabilities. Then you can start looking for complementary profile either by using the broad search tool or the target search tool. Only then you can get in touch with the employees who match you criteria thanks to an internal messaging service offered by Collaborative Perks.  A notifications and bookmark system is here to optimize your search and to get in contact with other employees more easily. Employees can then exchange as many messages as they want in order to get to know each other and organize the au pair exchange. In the “Frequently Asked Questions” and through its customer service, Collaborative Perks meets all the doubts and fears that a family may have, gives them advice and guides them during the organization of the exchange.

An au pair exchange abroad is an unforgettable experience, for the family as well as for the au pair. The young au pair goes on an exchange for a determined period, from two weeks up to more than year. The au pair plays a big part in the family as a big sister or big brother: besides babysitting and housekeeping the au pair is likely to become a model for the kids they look after, to blend into the family and its daily life, to learn a new language and new cultures. An au pair exchange makes people grow stronger. When it comes to the host family, having an au pair is actual luxury: they are of great help and also will share their language and culture, not as an employee but as a real member of the family.

Collaborative Perks offers the employees of a company to live this memorable experience that is about discovering, novelty, openness and mutual enrichment. It is the way to go to strengthen relationships between the employees of a big group.