The Auction Module gives all employees the opportunity to auction or to sell any product or service that they no longer use. It also lets them find and purchase products and services of all kinds, such as clothes, music lessons, mobile phones or even theatre tickets at a good price!

They can bring out all the stuff that they no longer use and make the most of a simple and convenient way of selling it. They can find great deals in a few steps!

The employees can post an ad about any object or service they want to sell or auction among their co-workers: a computer, a theatre ticket, dance lessons they have already hired and finally cannot attend. They just have to indicate the ad title, describe the object or service they want to offer, the category to which it belongs and whether it will be a sale or an auction!

Once they filled in the information, they can check out their ad and see the view the other members will have: title, description, place where the sale or auction will be held, the price or the amount of the initial bid and the category to that it belongs. They can modify or delete the content at any time.