Welcome to our online car-sharing module dedicated to the employees of the same company. The primary objective of this module is to simplify the transportation of the employees, by connecting drivers and passengers, who are making the same journey, in order to share their commute, and thus to save significantly on transportation costs while enjoying a friendly and efficient way of commuting every day.

Carpooling is a way of travelling that is now becoming even more popular, since it takes advantage of existing resources while allowing you to meet new people. It is simple, economic, ecological, and friendly. As a driver it helps you share your transportation costs with your passengers, while having a less monotonous journey. Registering as a passenger you get the chance to be transported fast and economically to the place of your choice. Collaborative Perks offers this concept to all the members of your company through a dedicated platform, allowing employees who live close to one another to organize easily their daily commute to work, but also their weekend excursions or holiday trips.

Our carpooling module works in an extremely simple and intuitive way. During the registration process there are two different options available: register as a driver, by providing a route that the other employees might be interested in, or register as a passenger and search for a route that might interest you. As a driver, you will be asked to provide some details for the trip you plan to publish on our module, such as a brief description of your vehicle, the route, the date and times of travel, the number of seats available and the size of luggage you are willing to transport. As a passenger, you only have to search for the route and the date that interest you, and then choose a trip from the list of results corresponding to your request and contact the driver to arrange your journey. Do not hesitate to include personal details in your profile, such as if you like listening to music while driving, if you allow smoking or not in your car or if your passengers can transport their pets in your car. To facilitate the communication between the employees, Collaborative Perks has created an alert system, that informs any employee who wishes to be notified by e-mail and SMS every time that a trip that might interest him is posted on the platform.

Collaborative Perks plays an intermediary role between the employees of the same company who have additional needs in terms of routes and car rides, and thus facilitates their daily transportation to their office. In addition to offering employees a simple way to save money by sharing fuel costs and toll, our innovative platform enables them to do something good for the environment, since carpooling is complementary to other means of transport and offers a plethora of ecological advantages: it reduces the traffic and the congestion in the city center, it optimizes the uses of your car and it eliminates any parking problems. But beyond all these benefits, carpooling reduces the monotony of paths by adding warm and friendly notes to everyday routes and allows you to create strong ties with your colleagues. Car rides can often serve as the place of interesting discussions, exchange of services and creation of new friendships!