The Global Mobility module is the ideal place for contacting co-workers either in your own country or abroad. This platform allows for conversations ranging from travel to sports or to anything your heart desires! Here, employees can share their plans and ideas with their colleagues!

This module gives expats and employees travelling to different places the opportunity to contact co-workers living in their destination. They will provide them with all the information they may need about that place and about any events taking place during their stay.

Employees can post their queries or proposals on the module by creating a Thread, which they will have to sort out by category (“Sports”, “Culture”, “Leisure” and “General Information”). If they have any doubt or an idea about any of the categories, they can go to the Global Mobility module to see if someone has already created a Thread on this issue.

Once they have found the Thread they were looking for, they will be able to take part in the discussion by posting their comments or answers using the online form available inside the Thread. They can also create a Thread to ask or offer anything they like to their colleagues.