The Hangouts module gives your employees the opportunity to organise after work events for colleagues or to join in the events created by co-workers. It’s the best way to strengthen bonds with other employees in a carefree environment!

They can create an event proposal on anything they like: going to a music festival, for some drinks after work, celebrating the New Year. They only need to indicate the title of the event and where and when it will be taking place!

On the event pages they can check to see who has confirmed on attending their event or reply to an invitation themselves by clicking “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe”.

The operation of the platform is very simple and easy to use, making it accessible to all the generations of employees. Each employee has a personal access to the platform and thus can securely connect to our page from any computer. Once connected, the employee can list an ad of their house for free on our platform, add photos and/or videos and indicate where he would like to travel. He can then browse our platform and look for listings in the countries he would like to visit. Moreover, via our internal messaging system the employees can send messages to the homeowners with whom they would like to exchange their house with. The internal messaging system can also be used to arrange all the practical details of the exchange! By offering a home exchange platform to its employees, a company gives them the opportunity to travel to places they might have never dreamt of and to plan a low-cost exotic getaway!

Above all, home exchange is a concept that is based on the values of trust and cooperation, as much as in an individual level as in a corporate level. This module is a real treasure for a large company because it offers its employees the opportunity to travel economically, while creating strong bonds between the employees that participate in it. No matter if the exchange takes place at the other side of the world or in a nearby town of them, it is guaranteed that your employees will find new friends, with whom they share common values and a common love of travel!