Welcome to our linguistic exchange module for employees’ children. As its name suggests, this module allows to any employee’s children to improve their language skills thanks to a reciprocal stay at a colleague’s house, that would enable them to immerse both in the language and the culture of another country. The only condition for the participation in this exchange is that the children that wish to take part in it are at least 12 years old.

The concept is very simple: to learn a new language, nothing is more effective for a kid or a teenager than spending some time in a country where the language is spoken. That is why Collaborative Perks provides to all the employees of a company, a dedicated platform that allows them to find a host family for linguistic exchange for their children, through their company’s network. All the exchanges are reciprocal, which means that if your child spends 15 days with a host family, that has a child of the same age, you will then host the other family’s child for the same amount of time. Collaborative Perks is responsible for bringing together families, whose children have the same age and want to practice a foreign language, so that they can organize easy and secure linguistic exchanges. The exchanges therefore are available to all the employees that are registered in our platform.

The benefits of a linguistic exchange are numerous. First and foremost there is a great number of linguistic benefits: during their stay, the children will be able to blend into the daily life of the host family, participate in the chores, share meals and do various activities with the children of the host family. In addition, the kids can attend language courses if they wish to combine theory and practice, and especially if the host family is able to help them with their organization. By learning to understand and communicate clearly with their hosts, the kids will demonstrate a fast and undeniable amelioration of the language of their host family. Of course, the longer the exchange, the greater their progress will be. However, our experience shows that even a relatively short exchange in total immersion is much more effective than many hours of language classes during the academic year.

But the benefits are also cultural and social. Indeed, a language exchange is an incredible opportunity for a kid to discover a new way of life, a new country and a new culture, to get out of his/her comfort zone and to discover new horizons. There is always a challenge when the children have to stay with a new family in a new country, it is understandable that it’s not always easy to let go off their daily lives and habits, but this is the kind of challenge that allows them to grow, to broaden their horizons and to mature socially.

The platform that Collaborative Perks has created is extremely fun and easy to use. The data that are requested in the online registration form will allow you to find quickly and efficiently all the “linguistic profiles” which may correspond to yours and your child’s preferences concerning their exchange partner. All the employees can create a profile for their children, then search in our platform for the best match for them and, finally, contact other parents that have registered their children, via the internal messaging system we offer on our page. Once they have come in contact, Collaborative Perks allows the employees to agree on the duration of the stay and to arrange all the details of the linguistic exchange. In the “Frequently Asked Questions” and through its customer service, Collaborative Perks meets all the doubts and fears that a family may have, gives them advice and guides them during the organization of the exchange.