Employee benefits for your company!

Select as many benefits as you want and turn them on or off, depending on the needs of your company! Choose your modules from our portfolio of 12 different benefits such as Home Exchange, Linguistic Conversation, Linguistic Exchange, Au Pair, Carpooling, Marketplace, Hangouts, Global Mobility, Community, Nightly Rentals, Health & Wellbeing, and Discounts.

More than 50 Global 2000 companies already work with us

Up to 12 benefits for you to choose from
to ensure the best fit for your employees

Provide your employees with a possibility of learning a new language, participating in online fitness and yoga classes,
commuting together or volunteering all within their own company, between colleagues.

Choose your benefits

Evaluate the needs of your company and choose the desirable benefits for all of your employees.

Select the languages

Check our list of 16 available languages and choose the ones that correspond best to your company’s profile.

Get ready for your platform!

We will create a fully customized platform, just for your employees, including the benefits and languages of your choice.

Connect your employees, with
a help of our benefits platform

Show your employees the perks of belonging to a multinational company, no matter of their location. By creating their profiles and listings, within the chosen modules, your employees will be able to connect internally and interact in a way they never did before.

Engaged Employees. Happy Clients. Business Results.


Clients from Global 2000 list


modules available


employees with access to our products

Our platform is built for large companies, with
useful features for your employees

User friendly

Our platform is easy to use for people of all ages, following the current trends in UI/UX design


Available in up to 16 different languages managed by our experts

Secure and private

We provide you a URL with the name of your company or you can conenct through your intranet


Join our initiative of a more sustainable way of consuming through collaborative consumption, helping the planet


Create an atmosphere where employees can interact freely, creating a strong network as a result

Responsive and modern design

We make sure the platform fits the style as well as the colours of your company, and for all devices !

Now it is time for you to jump
into a collaboration world!

Book your demo now!
Now it is time for you to jump
into a collaboration world!

Where are we?

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