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Organize a home exchange with your colleagues. Have you ever dreamed of discovering new country from the perspective for a local person? Now is the time! Swap your house with a colleague from another country and travel in a safer and economical way.

Whether you are a tenant or a homeowner, the nightly rental module allows you to enjoy a worry-free experience! Create a listing of your property, choose your availability and wait to be contacted by your new resident. You can also check the already existing listings and find your new home, whether for vacation or long-term.

Immerse your children into learning a new language and culture. Choose the way you would like to connect and arrange with another colleague, a linguistic exchange between your children, whether online or in person.

No matter if you’re a family looking for help or a teenager willing to start their work experience, the Au Pair module connects two families of colleagues. Allow your children, at least 16 years old, to work abroad by providing in-home childcare or participate as the host family and provide your family with international experience in the comfort of your own home.

Home Exchange
Nightly Rental
Linguistic Exchange
Au Pair


Buy and sell all kinds of items and services online. It is a simple and quick way to trade goods and services with the reassurance that everything is done within the safe environment of your company.
Benefit from exclusive offers available in your country. Buy a computer at a reduced price, take advantage of the cheaper flight tickets, reduce your vacation costs… Discover a wide portfolio of our available discounts or submit the ones your company is already offering to their employees.
Make your everyday commute easier and split costs of the trip between you and your colleagues. Whether you are a driver wishing to offer their ride or a passenger looking for a free seat, you still get to save on transportation costs and be more time efficient.


Take advantage of being a part of a multinational company and connect with your native colleagues to learn a new language. Create your linguistic profile, choose your native language and the language you would like to improve and find a conversation partner within your own company.
Are you being relocated to another country? Dispel any doubts and create a thread inside the desired category. From the housing and health support to event and your children’s education. Pick the topic that you are interested in and connect with other co-workers.

Find reliable information on topics related to healthy lifestyle through articles, recipes and videos. Participate in events and challenges that promote a lifestyle change and sign-up for our fitness online classes. By working with certified health coaches, we also provide your employees with a possibility of online coaching sessions. It’s a great start to a healthier life!

Support your colleagues wherever they are and offer your help. Find other employees in your surrounding area and connect with them via our chat or offer your help within the available categories, such as shopping or parental assistance. Design your own mutual-help module!

Organize after-work events and leisure activities with your colleagues in an easy and safe way! Create your event, whether online or in person and make new connections. Participate in online cooking classes, afterwork drinks or receive more information about your awayday.
Linguistic Conversation
Global Mobility
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