Welcome to our linguistic conversation module, which is addressed to the employees of the same company. The primary objective of this module is to enable the employees of a company to improve their language skills without resorting to a teacher, but through informal conversations with other employees who have expertise in the language they wish to improve or learn, and who also have an interest for learning another language. For example they can decide to practice one hour of conversation in German and one hour of conversation in Spanish.

Our module brings therefore together employees who have complementary linguistic profiles, and allows them to contact and communicate with each other through our internal messaging system and to send invitations in order to arrange the details of how the exchange will take place. There are many options for them to choose how they will communicate, such as through a videoconference call, emails, via the telephone or even face to face, if it is possible.

The way our module works is very simple: after registering on the dedicated platform offered by Collaborative Perks and the employee’s company, the employees will have to navigate to the linguistic conversation module. On this page they can complete a short online form about the languages they speak, as well as their level (beginner, intermediate, native) and the languages they wish to improve. Moreover they will have the opportunity to specify their availability and their preferred means of communication with the other employees. In addition, we offer two different ways for searching for exchange partners: the employees can go through all the linguistic profiles of the people that are already registered on our platform, or they can search directly for a language partner who speaks a specific language, using our innovative “Search” engine. Moreover, thanks to our “Favorites” system designed to save time during the search, the employee can save profiles that interest him and contact directly the other members via the internal messaging system. Once an employee has found a linguistic partner, the only thing that remains for them to do is to arrange the time, date and means of communication for their conversation to take place.

Based on reciprocal exchange, the linguistic conversation module offers to all the employees the opportunity to enjoy a “private lesson” with another employee of their company. The benefits of the linguistic conversation are multiple: the conversations are more proactive than the traditional language courses, the employees participate in an informal conversation and they get to develop their skills with someone who is a native speaker and who also wish to learn from them. In fact, it is much easier to try and immerse ones self in a language when the exchange is reciprocal, spontaneous and happens in equal terms, since both employees take turns as the student and teacher.

Beyond these linguistic benefits, our module takes advantage of the international presence and representation of different countries and cultures inside each company, allowing employees to develop their own personal network within the company and to increase the cultural exchanges. These language conversations can become exchanges of knowledge, enabling for the discovery of new cultures and, why not, new friendships within the company!