In contrast to a normal language lesson, linguistic conservation represents a lively face-to-face interaction between two tandem partners. The casual conversation situation eases the utilization of the foreign language for both persons. Because both conversation partners share the same language levels, there is no need to be shy or feel ashamed for mistakes. Mistakes are only made to learn from them!

Moreover, the openness to all topics during the conversations opens the possibility for the tandem partners to talk about all the subjects THEY are interested in: there is no need to talk about something boring you don’t want to talk about. Boring language lessons from school times won’t repeat.

Both partners are experts in their mother tongue and share their cultural knowledge and linguistic expertise with their respective partner. Experiences and wisdom about a country-specific habits and norms can be shared at first hand.  

In the ideal case, the linguistic conversation represents the start of a long-lasting friendship that overcomes all kind of linguistic, geographic and cultural barriers.

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