Collaborative Perks are  expanding in Australia

Collaborative Perks are expanding their boundaries and starting to work with Australia. We have a new employee from Sydney. His name is Jean-Baptiste Giustiniani. Although his last name sounds Italian he is originally French.


Having inherited a rebellious spirit, he travelled for some time and has worked in Los Angeles, Switzerland and the Netherlands. 10 years ago, he moved to Sydney. The land down under left a mark on his life and even his name. He has had to shorten it to JB, as Aussies to shorten everything to make things easy.


However, JB is always very serious about his work. He has about 13 years’ experience in Strategic Procurement in global FMCG. In parallel to that he has done 5 years of Business Development for large companies in Europe and ANZ.

Jean-Baptiste speaks French and English, but would love to dust off his Spanish as part of this experience with Collaborative Perks. There is no doubt that with the help of his colleagues at Collaborative Perks he´ll quickly pick up Spanish, as well as some other languages. At the moment, our employees speak 11 languages in total.

In addition to languages, he has passion for food & wine. JB really enjoys cooking for family and friends. Another of his hobbies is surfing. In Sydney, JB lives in walking distance of the beach so he tries to surf as much as he can all year round.


We hope that our new employee will ride not only the ocean waves but also a wave of success. We wish him good luck in conquering the Australian expanses!