Create a company that cares about its employees


 Today, more and more people are suffering
from anxiety and depression.This is directly linked to stress. We are
living in a fast-paced society where it’s very easy to forget or not take the
time to take care of yourself. This is a vicious cycle because when you don’t
take care of yourself, the stress related feelings will become more intense. We end up feeling exhausted and unmotivated

 When people are asked about what makes them
stressed most people answer work. Especially balancing work life and family
life. Unfortunately, many companies do not recognize the importance of having
healthy and happy employees. However, we are seeing a shift in the perspective on
productivity and efficiency among management. Progressive companies are
starting to understand that the more an employee works does not necessarily
mean higher productivity. However, what does impact productivity is overall
wellbeing. This is backed up by psychologists and research.

 An example is the new nap rooms at
Huffington post. After Huffington Post introduced nap rooms they saw a
remarkable increase in productivity. Editor in-chief Ariana Huffington predicts
that nap rooms will be as common as conference rooms.

 Collaborative Perks want employees all over
the world to be happy, healthy and motivated! That is why we have a module
dedicated to health and wellness. Our module makes it easy for companies to
promote a healthy lifestyle to its employees.

 The health module has 4 different pillars
or categories; Prevention, movement, food and balance. Within each category
employees can upload relevant content and  read interesting articles. Employees can
also challenge each other to fun and health promoting activities. Why not
challenge your team to walk 10 000 steps for a month? Or meditating 20 minutes a

 The workplace should not be a stressful
place, it should be a community that fosters productivity, creativity and
motivation! This is exactly what the health module is all about.