Global mobility within a company is on a higher and higher demand. Employees want more experience with their lives professionally and personally. They want their passports to be full of stamps from different borders, they want their resumes to cover more and more projects all around the globe. 

On the other hand, within a cross-continental enterprise, the talents usually are not equally distributed, each local branch might have their own comparative advantage in terms of human resources. Hence, international assignments could be a win-win solution for both employees and the employers. Since it is a great career development opportunity for the employees and, at the same time, help organizations make up the talent shortage and close the gap between different branches. 

Coming into 2017, the global mobility is having an even broader image than people had in mind 10 years ago. The rise of Chinese and Indian economy, also the deeper and deeper collaboration between western and eastern economy. The global mobility with talents among different nations has never been so active. 

A lot of big corps are launching or already expanding their global mobility teams, in order to smooth the arrangement. But besides arranging the business matters, are we paying enough attention to employees’ personal feelings and needs when they have to move away from home to a strange environment? Who will give them tips about local life or even welcome them to a local party ? 

We Collaborative Perks launched this interesting module “Global Mobility” a few years ago, it perhaps was a bit ahead of the trend, but now it is just more helpful than ever. “Global Mobility” is a company’s internal platform for co-workers across nations to share information and organize activities. It would be a go-to platform when employees are having international assignments or just want to network. Imagine having all your thousands of co-workers on line, based in different countries, and you are just one keyboard away to connect them, it has to be a fascinating dynamic for both your professional life and your personal one. 

If you want to have a better outlook of our Collaborative Perks “Global Mobility” module, please visit: and contact us. It might be a whole new dimension of your life and your workplace. 

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