Unite and benefit

We might work in a giant enterprise that located everywhere in the world, and have 30,000 colleagues, but what is different? We still just check in and check out the office, meet 7 or 8 people that we regularly work with on daily basis, go out with our own friends after work, and go on vacation with our own family. Our other colleagues are just some photos on the company brochures, or some names we see on the email recipients.

And if you are manager of a business with thousands of employees, you might wonder how you are going to really unite everyone together, so each one of your employee is just only a component of a
giant running machine, but a united family with care and passion for the organization they are working for.

These are the questions we had in mind when we founded Collaborative Perks. We are not only working for employees’ perks, we are working for a better collaborated world. Based on this founding idea, we created platforms for employees within the same company to connect with each other, to exchange, to share, to benefit.

You want to travel with accommodation free? Home exchange with Collaborative Perks will introduce a friendly colleague to you who would like to offer you free lodge, just for the exchange of your welcoming of free accommodation at your place.

You want to learn a new language? Why not just have a linguistic exchange pal that can help you improve and be your friend from the company you work for.

You want to travel somewhere and meet new friends? Share rides with interesting colleagues you never met with carpooling module.

You’re bored with weekend routine? Organize activities on hangout module, meet closest strangers you share the same building with.