We would like to introduce Global Mobility; our new and innovative module!

The Global Mobility module is the ideal place for contacting co-workers that you’re thinking of visiting abroad or in your own city. This module allows for conversations ranging from travel, to sports, to entertainment… really anything your heart desires! Ultimately making for a great platform to share your plans and ideas with co-workers from around the world. 


General Information 

A place to 

  • share 
  • propose 
  • discuss 

Allows you to 

  • share interests with people across the world 
  • get involved in cultural discussions 


A section dedicated to bring people together based on their preferences in physical activity, this is a space to resolve your doubts or questions concerning sports. Moreover, it is a platform where you are free to propose and organize sports events and outings such as tennis or watching a match. 



This section is dedicated to pleasing your own personal interests. It is an open space for you to propose or organize leisurely activities which you are interested in. 



This section is dedicated to your cultural thoughts, questions and possible propositions. It is an area open to cultural discussion and offers you the possibility to ask your coworkers about nice museums in a specific city.